Hey you know what sucks? When you’ve specifically told one of your exboyfriends to leave you alone, and he decides that ‘liking’ your personal tumblr posts doesn’t count, and then follows a ton of people you follow, then they unknowingly follow him back, and then he’s found a way to insert himself into your life by ending up all over your tumblr dashboard.

Thanks dude real cool

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Anonymous asked: But i always tip you ( code name horny 2001 ;) )

i’ve been looking for you!! last couple times i was on, i was hoping you’d pop in….i’m gonna be on more this week.





please put this shit on blast. his twitter name is @swerveodactyl and he’s being a complete asshole when called out on that tweet. His name is Beau Miller, he’s a junior at some high school in Washington state, I couldn’t figure out which but I’m sure you guys can help. Thank you so much!


An update:  Beau Miller posted this on 4/10 at 4:09pm



"or getting flirty eyes from a fat chick" literally die in a fire pLS

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house does something medically, morally, and universally repugnant to a patient, cuddy and/or wilson and/or his entire team have a breakdown yelling at him “you could go to JAIL!”, house shrugs it off with a witty remark and a wave of his cane, cuddy and/or wilson and/or his team shrug sigh and shake their heads and go “oh, house”, audience laughs at that wily crazy genius man with the sassy attitude and all is well. lordy i hate the shows i love


Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here

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kinda want to fuck
ing die

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The Internet has warped my sense of humor to the point where I firmly believe that this comic is the pinnacle of human comedic achievement


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this is so specific i love it 

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when will the year of waluigi finally arrive

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Anonymous asked: Hey when are you going on chaturbate?

when people quit bein’ cheap and when traffic is better $$$$$

that moment when a stranger gets more kindness than you from them.

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